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Redesigning the Homepage Experience

User Experience and UI Design


As the UX/UI designer for this project, my role was to collaborate with various stakeholders and design the layout of the site. I belong to the UX team where I share responsibility with another designer for all desktop and mobile experience in collaboration with the UX Director, Marketing, Developers and Corporate.


  • Decrease site confusion, while improving information architecture.

  • Improve brand quality.

  • Improve mobile & web usability.

My Contribution

UI Design
Iterations and Prototyping

Tools Used


Site Architecture

We did a thorough examination of our brand’s content, what we have and what’s missing and filling in the holes to deliver a solid digital architecture.


UI Design

Takeaways. What I learned from this project.

Keep flexible in collaboration
We all have our preferred working and communicating methods, but if stakeholders want to introduce something else, don’t say no right away. Start using it, test it, see if it works. You never know, you might end up with a method you’ll love later on.


Engage developers in the stage of ideation
It’s good to know right away what we can and cannot do base on the limitation of our Universal Web Platform.